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Beth’s Briefing notes – Sept 29th

Ok ya'll, this briefing has me pretty fired up. Not only does this vax-pass force people to choose between providing for their families or following their conscience, it separates families. People with family in LTC will now be faced with a moral dilemma no one should...

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Beth’s Briefing Notes – Sept 8th

Well we may have a new Provincial government, but we definitely still have the same leader. Premiere Strang once again took the reigns on this briefing leaving Mr. Houston with only 6:33 of speaking time. Strang however referred to his usual talking points of...

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Beth’s Briefing Notes: July 14th

Privileges granted by men may be denied by men. Rights are granted by God, and can be legitimately denied by no man - John Bunyan This apparently was the 150th episode of The Covid show. Both Strang and Rankin made sure to let us know that they will be holding our God...

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Beth’s Briefing Notes – July 12, 2021

I won't lie to you, this briefing notes are getting really hard to write. I no longer find anything humorous but instead find myself getting increasingly cynical. I thought the BS and brainwashing was supposed to get easier to deal with, but since it hasn't here's a...

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Rankin announces funding for child care

In a press conference in the childcare center at Mount Saint Vincent University, Premier Iain Rankin announced a $40 million investment into affordable and equitable childcare. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined the conference via Zoom to pledge a further $605...

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Rankin announces funding for Racial Justice

This morning, Premier Iain Rankin announced $4.8 million in funding to create the African Nova Scotian Justice Institute. The Institute, working with the existing African Nova Scotian Decade for People of African Decent Coalition (ANSDPAD) and the newly formed Office...

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Beth’s Briefing Notes – June 29th

vaccines, vaccines, vaccines. (and vaccines) 111. That is how many times the word vaccine (vaccinate, vaccination) was used in Tuesday's 46 minute briefing. To add to that the phrases shots, 1st does, and 2nd dose received noticeable attention as well. Together those...

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June 24- Beth’s Briefing notes

Today is Tuesday June 29th and I am just now getting around to writing my briefing notes for this past Thursday. I have been struggling with the things I heard at a deep level. I didn't even want to write this, but I feel that these things need to be brought to light....

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Beth’s Briefing Notes, June 22 2021

Shut down my Border? I'll shut down your highway! My notes for this briefing should be pretty short. Both Rankin and Strang's opening statements were about how great Nova Scotians are doing, how we have been praised for our compliance vaccination numbers, and that we...

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