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I won’t lie to you, this briefing notes are getting really hard to write. I no longer find anything humorous but instead find myself getting increasingly cynical. I thought the BS and brainwashing was supposed to get easier to deal with, but since it hasn’t here’s a list of the highlights.

-During Monday’s briefing Strang repeatedly stated that the CDC got it wrong and the mRNA vaccines are perfectly interchangeable. The World Health Organization agrees with the CDC, but Strang is apparently smarter than all of them
-Strang finally acknowledged that he will be holding us hostage in phase 4 until enough people are fully vaxxed, and that children under 12 are largely not a threat in terms of covid.
-Strang says school should look normal again in the fall. Remember this and hold him to it!
-Rankin says there will be no extension in gov funding for businesses. Employers should do that.
-Here we have a keener asking Premier Strang when he will begin door-to-door harassment of anti-vaxxers. Strang’s response is that this would be too intrusive. As if that bridge hasn’t been crossed, and then burnt to a crisp. Either way, we all need to remember this one as well.
-And lastly Rankin says 32 funding announcements in 32 days is definitely not campaigning. It’s leadership.

That’s it for Monday’s briefing, hopefully I can get today’s (Wednesday) out sooner. But regardless of that: I hope you all shut off the news, get outside and be normal!