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Privileges granted by men may be denied by men. Rights are granted by God, and can be legitimately denied by no man – John Bunyan

This apparently was the 150th episode of The Covid show. Both Strang and Rankin made sure to let us know that they will be holding our God given freedoms hostage in phase 4 until 75% of the population has been fully vaxxed. Rankin even went so far as to say that we’d earned the right to less restrictions!

Strang goes on this mini rant about the standard practice of mixing vaccines and a statement by a WHO scientist being taken out of context. Can someone please show Strang this statement posted on the CDC website stating that the covid vaccines are NOT interchangeable! Or is this also somehow out of context?
That’s right, CDC is American. Their science is different than ours. Silly me, I forgot that. The Americans are just the ones that made the vaccines, they’re obviously idiots.

Here is the now infamous statement where Strang says he doesn’t believe we will ever have pre-covid normal. Make sure you catch this little slip up he makes…
But did you catch what he said the “new normal” was? This pandemic has forever changed the way we deal with the flu and other common respiratory illness. Thank you everyone for your compliance, we are now never getting out of this! He actually says
This new normal is within our reach. The next phase of our reopening will likely mean, ugh, few or no restrictions or mandatory personal public health measures. But there may be certain settings or situations where some precautions are required. At least in the short term.”

Strang was also quick to point out that the risk with the delta variant is low vax coverage and this could lead to a 4th wave. *coughcoughmandatoryvaccinescoughcough* Sorry, my allergies always flare up when it’s raining. My apologies.

When a reporter asked Strang about any plans to deal with a spike in covid cases during an election, Strang said he and his team would figure it out. But there are not currently any plans to deal with that. I’m sorry, but moving from in-person voting to mail-in or digital doesn’t really seem like the sort of thing that should be off the cuff. Especially when we know that it will happen.

At one point Strang was asked about public health’s stance on vaxx-ports on a local/ private business level. To which he replied that there were significant human rights issues with…. He knows that human rights exist and admitted it on camera!!! Someone give that woman an award!

So that was about it for yesterday’s briefing. Praise the Lord I don’t have to listen to another one until next week! Until then: I will have a quick write-up of another announcement on Rankin’s campaign trail from this morning. This one is for public transit infrastructure. Still waiting on the announcement of where the hell all this money is coming from though.
So keep your eyes out for that article, and don’t forget to sign and share our petition to have Strang replaced by Dr. Chris Milburn! We’re currently sitting at 3322 signatures. I think 5000 is a good number to start emailing it off. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to turn off the news!