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vaccines, vaccines, vaccines. (and vaccines)

111. That is how many times the word vaccine (vaccinate, vaccination) was used in Tuesday’s 46 minute briefing. To add to that the phrases shots, 1st does, and 2nd dose received noticeable attention as well. Together those phrases being said total of 44 times combined. There were points when I had to pause the video to be able to make all the tally marks because so many of the words I was tracking were said in a single sentence.

As usual there was talk of the super scary Delta variant. It is the cause of approximately 90% of new cases in Australia, it is picking up speed in the U.S., and here in NS we have recorded 1 case of it. And we’re told that it spreads in under vaccinated populations predominantly. This is being used to spread fear in the population and to push vaccine uptake. But, as usual, I have some questions. In the groups of un-vaccinated people who are contracting the Delta variant, how many already had a natural immunity? Have these people had covid previously, or was this their first time contracting the virus?
When did science turn it’s back on natural immunity? I’m fairly certain that our God-given, naturally occurring, biological processes that have kept mankind alive for centuries are still intact. Here is a 25 minute interview with Dr. Ryan Cole, a Mayo Clinic trained Pathologist. He explains how the vaccines work, what they are, and the effects they can have on the body.

Strang did clear the air on mixing vaccines. It’s perfectly safe and you should take whatever is available to you first as a 2nd dose. Phew, that was close. I almost believed the CDC when they said “COVID-19 vaccines are not interchangeable.” Good thing our fearless leader has such a good understanding of the science as defined by his own opinion. Oh, and don’t forget that your vaccination protects those around you and shows that you care. It’s all you anti-sunscreeners fault that I got a sunburn at the beach yesterday!
Of note was this statement from Strang saying that NACI has approved the vaccines, and even the mixing of them, for pregnant women. However, the CDC has said “However, the potential risks of COVID-19 vaccines to the pregnant person and the fetus are unknown because these vaccines have not been studied in pregnant people.” I’ve confused myself, which science are we supposed to follow here? NACI who recommends giving untested vaccines to pregnant women (strange, as I was told not to take advil when pregnant)? Or the CDC that can’t even openly acknowledge that only women can give birth.

In regard to vaccine uptake, as usual the problem group is them youngins the 20-30-year-olds. They’re not getting vaccinated enough and it’s gonna kill us all. But don’t worry, Strang has a foolproof plan that involves social media, walk-in clinics, and the Trailer Park Boys! So there is no need to panic, Strang is pushing the vaccines so that we can open up fully someday. Remember kids, if you wanna keep going to restaurants or generally have fun enjoying your freedoms you need to get vaxxed. NOW!

Those were the highlights of Tuesday’s briefing. As usual, there was so much more I could have written: loaded questions from reporters, the apparent need of the average Nova Scotian to be subjugated, and the epidemiology 101 lesson in Strang’s answer to a reporters question. But I’ll leave it here. Currently there has been no statement on when the next briefing will be. Probably sometime Friday afternoon is my guess.
Until then, don’t forget to sign and share our petition to have Strang replaced by a real doctor.