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Hail to the new king?

I think the most important thing to take away from yesterday’s briefing is that it’s finally clear who the true leader of Nova Scotia is. In a briefing with 34:06 of speaking time, Deputy Premier Rankin answered one question and only spoke for a combined total of 3:31.

Once again we were told that the success in lowering the numbers was due to people’s obedience to Public Health measures. So, does this mean that all those rule breakers that get blamed when numbers are high have suddenly started following the rules? Whatever the case may be with that, if you’re not a rotational worker testing isn’t mandatory upon entering the Province! It will be interesting to see how this affects the already low testing numbers in the Province. Maybe that’s why they want employers to encourage employees to take rapid tests at work. That’s right, the days of having to spend hours in a line for a covid test are coming to an end. And if you’re traveling into the Province you can now administer your own PCR test. If nothing else, all the botched tests from this strategy should help lower the case numbers.

Premier Strang also spoke to his logic on phase 1 of the reopening plan. He says that phase one is all about safe choices and priorities when considering what activities covid targets. He defines this as outdoor activities with established protocols that are beneficial to our physical, mental, and emotional health. This is why he chose to open schools with only 3-weeks left in the year. It is best for kids to be inside a room with 30+ other people, while wearing a mask, in buildings that don’t have adequate ventilation, while it’s one of the three hottest months of the year. This logic is also why churches have been limited to 10 people outdoors only. Church is obviously not in the public’s best interest when it comes to mental or emotional health.
I think Christians need to cut Strang a break. I mean, what more do you expect from a professing Christian who believes a child’s greatest need in a “deadly global pandemic” is school?

Speaking of the reopening plan, it’s already been amended twice since it started only five days ago. This only serves as further evidence of the fly by the seat of their flaming pants mentality these two have shown us thus far. Not that we needed more proof.
What is really interesting though, is the change made to phase 5. In the original document phase 5 was listed as the new normal, with less restrictions, and 75% of the population vaccinated. FYI: the only way to have restrictions is to keep the State Of Emergency (SOE) going. Well, now all it says it 75% of population fully vaccinated. That means two doses. I love trying to keep up with what all these terms mean.

Strang also said that until 75% of of the population are fully vaccinated, there is still a risk from covid, and we need public health protocols. Does this not imply that once we reach 75% there won’t be a risk? Can the de-facto leader of a Province be held responsible for making implied promises? Yes, yes he can. And he should be. Being a leader is difficult, there are personal risks involved. It is not something to take lightly.
Dr. Strang, through implication, you just told the Province of Nova Scotia that we won’t need protocols once we reach 75%. In the reopening plan, that is phase 5. Sir, you have told us nothing about phase 5 or when you will end the SOE. I think that’s because you won’t end it. But I think you will continue implying otherwise in an effort to get as many people double dosed as possible. Why? What will you gain from that? What do you think will happen when the people realize you’ve been lying to them?
You keep telling us that a slow and steady approach means we only have to do this once, and we’ll never have to look back. Sir, come September I will hold you to this. I reject your “new normal”.

I think it may time to renegotiate our “social contract”