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On Friday, two more deaths were announced. Both were in their 70’s and died in hospital in the central zone. Of note, this age group has been eligible for vaccination since April 1. We’re not sure if these are Break through cases – meaning cases in vaccinated people. Since March 2020 Nova Scotia has had 76 covid deaths. In that time we have been under a constant state-of-emergency and have had to deal with multiple severe lockdowns. Now contrast that with 2019 when the death toll from the regular flu season had reached 66 by July 20th, according to a SaltWire article.

More changes for the already confusing mess of border restrictions were announced today. As long as you have one of the following, you will be allowed in – or not. You should be allowed in, unless you’re denied. You need to have:

  • A purchase or sale agreement signed on or before May 1
  • Proof of ownership in NS or termination of lease from another Province, signed on or before May 1
  • Letter of acceptance or new employment that can’t be virtual or delayed signed May 7.

Not sure why there are two different dates for these, but I’m sure the answer is science. The travel protocol for NS-NB, for cases of work, school, child-care, and veterinary services, now applies to NS-PEI. Rankin claims this should alleviate most of the burden caused by the travel restrictions.

Rankin promised an extra $17,000,000 grant for small businesses, on top of the already $12,000,000 already available. All businesses previously eligible for the grant will receive a $5000 cheque. Not sure if they need to reapply, or if they just get a cheque. New applicants who are approved will also receive the one time payment of $5000. The eligibility requirements for the grant are the same as last year. I haven’t seen an updated document about the eligibility requirements, so you’ll have to read the ones from last year -found here.

Some businesses are specifically excluded from the grant – including Daycares, March Break Camps (yup) and “Retail Sales”. I sincerely hope the retail sales exemption is dropped, as they’ve been mandated to close. I expect we’re going to lose a large number of smaller specialty retailers to these lockdown measures, and leaving them out of any supports will just further the damage.

It seems what Wal-Mart started, Rankin is finishing.