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Yesterday’s briefing had a lot of information to go through, but I will try and keep this to the most essential points.

We’ll begin with schools re-opening. Let me give you a timeline
April 26th: All schools in HRM move to online learning.
May 19th: All schools in the Province move to online learning. Rankin states that schools will not re-open before September.
May 28th: Schools other than HRM and CBRM can return to in-person learning. HRM and CBRM will remain closed until Phase 2 of the re-opening plan.
May 31st: Schools in HRM and CBRM can return to in-person learning.
Oh, and for all of these changes, the teachers were told at the same time as the parents. So teachers and parents only had about 2 or 3 days to figure it all out. Of course, this lines up perfectly with the May 27th announcement that the Pfizer vaccine would now be eligible to 12-year-olds. Don’t forget, Strang already said the COVID vaccine would be given out in schools much like the regular vaccines. And since 12-year-olds are definitely mature enough to give informed medical consent, you have nothing to worry about. Everything will be taken care of for you.
Remember that scene in the movie Wall-E where we learn that the Autopilot was given secret instructions that overrode the Captain. And then we saw that he had been slowly taking over for generations. That was a weird thought, right?

Halifax and Cape Breton have been released from their grounding and are allowed to play with the other kids. So that’s fun. I can now visit my 90-year-old Grandfather without being arrested. Unlike a phone call, he’ll actually be able to hear me clearly. I could have asked him to try setting up a zoom call, but that would be like asking a Newf to recite Shakespeare. Entertaining but ineffective.

To further drive home the reactionary nature of our supreme leadership’s restrictions, let’s look at the re-opening plan concerning schools. On May 28th Rankin described the 5 phases of re-opening Nova Scotia that would begin June 3rd. Schools in HRM and CBRM were not scheduled to return to in-person learning until phase 2, the earliest this can be reached is June 16th. But just 3 days later, and before phase 1 even started, Rankin announced that schools in HRM and CBRM would be opened on June 3rd.
But the re-opening plan has one other glaring problem. To be clear, this plan has many problems. But there is a particularly insidious one.
Phase 1 permits church faith gatherings to have 10 people outdoors or drive-in services. But gyms, fitness, and sport can have multiple groups of 10 people.
Phase 2 allows gyms to open to 50% capacity, but there is no change for faith gatherings.
Phase 3 Gyms will be at 75% while faith gathering limits are to be determined.
Phase 4 sees indoor household gatherings of 25 people with no physical distancing. Sports and professional and amateur arts will be able to have 50 people with no distancing or masks. While the limits for faith gatherings are still not determined.
Do you see it yet? I’ll be watching how this one plays out.
Phase 5 has increased gathering limits and fewer restrictions and public health measures. But that means there will still be public health measures. Gold star to anyone who knows how those are enforced.

I could explain the inconsistency between what is said in the briefings and what is actually required. Or how they are now openly admitting there will be modified quarantine for those vaccinated and those not. How masks just became mandated outdoors, and no one noticed. Or even show how the government is gaslighting a significant portion of its population into fear, anger, and hatred towards the problem. The problem being those who dissent to fascism. B

Strang accidentally said the quiet part out loud at one point. He was asked if he thought the injunction was too far-reaching or even still necessary. Strang replied that the injunction was still needed to prevent crowds from gathering and prevent online spreading of “false information.” Funny, I thought he submitted a signed statement to the court saying that public gatherings were dangerous. The part of the injunction dealing with online speech was only supposed to prevent planning, not control information. After all, no government would ever use the courts to control speech they didn’t like.
Anyone know the penalty for perjury? I’m relatively certain lying to the court is worse than planning a protest – no matter how many injunctions you get.

Strang also stumbled a little when discussing breakout cases – people who get sick with covid after being vaccinated. He admitted that some people will get sick and die even after two shots. Naturally, this came as a shock to no one except the Pfizer Faithful – those online keyboard warriors calling for vaxports and mandatory shots.

The next briefing is tomorrow. My prognostication is that Strang will continue to dither and trip over his own tongue while Rankin stares blankly into space – dreaming of a day when he might be in charge.

Until next time, remember
Brev’ty is te soul o’ wit byse.