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Ok ya’ll, this briefing has me pretty fired up. Not only does this vax-pass force people to choose between providing for their families or following their conscience, it separates families. People with family in LTC will now be faced with a moral dilemma no one should have to work through: Do they go against their conscience and take the coercion, or let their loved ones face the end of their lives alone? And yes, I fall into one of these categories. At a time like this we need to follow our conscience and trust in the only one worthy of trust, God.

Now, let’s get into the substance of this briefing shall we. Our newly elected Liberal Premiere, Tim Houston, should us his true colours right off the bat. Apparently all of our sources are YouTube videos, conspiracy theories, and “experts”. Hearing him say this gave me an idea: Everyone send me any research study, preferably peer-reviewed. I’ll compile it all and write out a formal email (I may need some volunteers for this part) and we’ll all email it to him. Flood his inbox with real science, and we make it as public as possible.
Will it work: probably not. The man has no concept of what science is. But that doesn’t mean we stop spreading the truth. Plus it gives us a database of evidence which is always valuable.

Speaking of peer-reviewed science, here’s one from 2015 that explains how leaky vaccines actually make viruses stronger. Leaky vaccine = a vax that still allows transmission of the virus but protects the host: all the covid vaccines are leaky.

Back to the briefing. Dr. Strang once again reminded us that our hospitals are already at capacity and struggling with resource issues. But this FOI request from civilian intelligence network (over 1900 pages in total) tells a slightly different story. And by slightly, I mean A LOT! While the QE2 had the most covid ICU’s (74 covid, 4149 everything total) percentage wise Valley Regional is actually the winner with 2.3% of ICU’s being related to covid (12 covid, 514 everything total). In reality our covid ICU hospitalizations were anywhere from 0.63 – 1.05% of the total ICU’s from January 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021. Not quite the flood we’ve been lead to believe, but rather more evidence of the complete incompetence of any Liberal party (regardless of banner colour) to effectively manage our tax dollars.
And now, with an already crippling shortage of frontline healthcare workers, Tim Houston wants to fire a large portion of the ones that are left. Well it’s a damn good thing his election platform was healthcare reform. I guess his going to be taking a “blank slate” approach.

One final interesting point to mention is how many people there are in the Province who have said no to the vax. 106,000 out of just shy of 1,000,000. 60,000 are not vaxed at all and 46,000 are only single dosed. If we have 780,000 people with 1 or 2 doses and 60,000 left with none (all eligible) we have about 840,000 eligible Nova Scotians. If 106,000 are not fully vaxed that’s 12.67% of the population that has said “Enough”. And from what I’m hearing there’s a healthy amount of those in healthcare. That’s got to be an intimidating number for them.

I guess the take home point here is that our non-compliance is working. It’s stressing them out. But we have to be real and admit they still have the upper hand. Whatever the outcome, whether you choose the vax or not, do it unto the Lord. Trust Him, pray for peace on earth as it is in heaven, and keep praying for our leaders.