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Well we may have a new Provincial government, but we definitely still have the same leader. Premiere Strang once again took the reigns on this briefing leaving Mr. Houston with only 6:33 of speaking time. Strang however referred to his usual talking points of propaganda, threats, and vilification of independent thinkers anti-vaxxers. Let’s look at a few examples shall we.

The vaccine is working, we don’t want to have to shut down the Province again, we’re not forcing anyone to get the shot. These are some of the things the government has been pounding into our ears for months. But how true are these claims? How about we start poking holes in all this garbage they keep trying to ram down our throats.

First piece of BS we’ll be looking at is the efficacy of the vaccine in reducing the risk of hospitalization due to covid. “unvaccinated people are 36X more likely to be hospitalized due to covid, so they need to be very careful about their own exposure.” Here Strang gives us the logic behind why we need a vaxport for the 4th wave; it’s so that he can protect the 25% of people who are unvaccinated. But if we’re so much more likely to be hospitalized, then what the hell is happening in Israel? Apparently this is called “the paradox of vaccines” or something like that. When most of a population is vaxed than most hospitalizations will be as well. And in case you were concerned about the narrative, this paradox unfolding in Israel is being used as real time data while scientists study the efficacy of the vaccines and whether or not this indicates the need for a booster. It definitely has nothing to do with vaccine enhanced immune escape as explained in this 2015, peer-reviewed, scientific research article.

Next we’ll look at the non-reality of Strang’s statement “We don’t want to have to shut the Province down again.” Well I’m sorry sir, but if you have an entire group of people that are banned from everything you deem fun non-essential and you still have the power of an SOE to enforce medical segregation, we’re still locked down! Lockdowns end when the state of emergency is removed!

Thirdly, and this is by far the most important thing to point out, this is not about covid. I mean, we all knew it already, sure. But on Wednesday Strang repeatedly admitted this fact. Sure, he says things like “we are not requiring anybody to take the vaccine.” But he also said that not having covid wasn’t a good enough reason to be allowed in society, we need a vaccine. He also revealed that while the coercive element of the vaxport is not intended, it is definitely an added bonus. And finally we have Strang admitting that he won’t stop until everyone who is of age is vaccinated!

I know we’re all tired but we can’t stop now. Take time to recharge when you need it, but keep coming back and keep fighting. Keep loving people and never stop telling them the truth. Keep supporting businesses that value freedom and help them stay open. Here’s a map of businesses so far, if you find more just scroll down to the add businesses button (here) and add them.

Until the next briefing, keep praying for each other and our leaders. And that God would use this time to bring His people to Himself. And then turn off the news, get off your devices, hug your kids, and go have fun!

Ephesians 6:18 “Pray at all times in the Spirit with every prayer and request, and stay alert in this with all perseverance and intercession for all the saints.”