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Today is Tuesday June 29th and I am just now getting around to writing my briefing notes for this past Thursday. I have been struggling with the things I heard at a deep level. I didn’t even want to write this, but I feel that these things need to be brought to light. SO that’s what I will do.

Let’s start with Strang claiming the HE needs to decide what is best for the collective.

Here Strang explains that we need to get the vax to protect others. And 75% is just the minimum goal.

A really scary moment for me was when Strang said that having 75% of people vaccinated meant that 25% were still un-vaccinated. And that last 25% is always the hardest. It reminds of this article I read over at the Civilian Intelligence Network.

When it comes to issues pertaining to the NB travel restrictions, here is Strang stating that HE doesn’t believe their restrictions are good enough.
When he was asked about why the science guiding NS restrictions was different than that of NB and NFLD he said it was all the same, he just took a more cautious approach with it. So for the last 15.5 months, when Strang and Rankin told you to follow the science, what they really meant was to follow Strang’s interpretation of the science. As in, do as I say and don’t think for yourself or you’ll end up like this guy.

Rankin out right lies and says that Smith-McCrossin helped organize the border blockade. Yet the organizers of the blockade said she did not help organize.

Here Strang finally admits his issue with the border blockade was that it should a fragmentation in Nova Scotians which made him look bad.
When asked if he thought he could have handled things differently to avoid the border blockade, Rankin said no. He will continue to follow the science Public Health recommendations: i.e. Strang’s opinion.
And finally here is Rankin stating no, he will not be taking the border protesters concerns into consideration.

And to close this all out here are 4 clips, in order they occurred, to help clear up whether or not the restrictions to NB will be lifted on the 30th.
7:40-8:05 1 more week, with an emotional plea
11:14-11:53 1 more week, with conditions
20:27-21:30 In 1 more week, restrictions will be gone
32:42-34:21 Rankin clears up the apparent contradiction by contradicting himself. “We’re not fully certain of anything when it comes to the pandemic…. but the plan is that we will ugh that we will have a, I think it’s pretty clear that on June 30th all isolation requirements will drop for NB and for people who have driven to NB from NS and back.”

Don’t forget to sign and share this petition to replace Dr. Strang with Dr. Milburn, who just so happens to have public health experience. As you can see in this zoom call we took part in with him.