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Childcare Services left behind by Rankin Government.

It’s no secret that times are tough for businesses of all kinds in Nova scotia right now. Restaurants are forced to take-out only, Non-essential retail shops are selling online only, and many other small businesses have shut their doors completely.

One type of business is having the opposite problem. “(W)e are currently sitting on $.46 cents in our business bank accounts” say the owners of Mrs Robinson’s Childcare Center in Fall River in a post on Facebook. “Even though we remain open for Essential Childcare, we are not allowed to charge parents monthly fees, and are not permitted to fill their child/children’s spot. Also, we have been told that we cannot close in order to lower operating costs, or lay off staff, or else we jeopardize our provincial funding that is already in place”.

“We have been told that we cannot close”

Though Premier Rankin promised support for childcare centers, it hasn’t materialized yet. “Our calls and emails are ignored” says Molly Rogers, co-owner of Mrs Robinsons. “They have offered no timeline and no update since May 3rd.”

“Last spring when they closed centres, the provincial government funded child-care centres so they could still pay for their rent and their staffing, and they were still receiving their funding,” says Lindsay Awalt, the other co-owner.

Rogers and Awalt say the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development have all the information needed to provide them with funding to keep them afloat, but nothing has appeared this time.

“We have one employee whom we will no be able to retain, and one family who is in need of essential care and will be looking for a new place to send their child if we do not receive the promised funding before Monday, May 17th”.

“Child-care centres can operate safely. They provide an important service, especially to those who need to go to work to keep essential services and supports running,” said Dr. Strang in a news briefing on April 27th.

We’ll be there to support those that are having challenges.” added Premier Rankin.

Rogers and Awalt have a response for Rankin: “If we are essential, why are we being treated with such disrespect and disregard that we can’t even get an update or a timeline”?