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Beth’s Briefing Notes – June 15, 2021

Burying the Lede As of June 15, 67% of Nova Scotians have had their 1st dose of a covid vax. That would be enough to put us into phase 3 of the reopening plan, except we have to wait two weeks to after each milestone to check for increased cases. eEven though it takes...

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Beth’s Briefing Notes – June 7th

Hail to the new king? I think the most important thing to take away from yesterday's briefing is that it's finally clear who the true leader of Nova Scotia is. In a briefing with 34:06 of speaking time, Deputy Premier Rankin answered one question and only spoke for a...

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Beth’s Briefing Notes: May 31

Yesterday's briefing had a lot of information to go through, but I will try and keep this to the most essential points. We'll begin with schools re-opening. Let me give you a timelineApril 26th: All schools in HRM move to online learning.May 19th: All schools in the...

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Beth’s Briefing Notes – May 25th

Papers, Please. As usual, Dr. Strang's statement is dripping with propaganda. Thanking people for answering the call to get vaccinated and doing what it takes to protect their loved ones. In so doing, according to Strang, we might be able to reach population immunity...

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Beth’s Briefing Notes – May 21, 2021

On Friday, two more deaths were announced. Both were in their 70's and died in hospital in the central zone. Of note, this age group has been eligible for vaccination since April 1. We're not sure if these are Break through cases - meaning cases in vaccinated people....

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Beth’s Briefing Notes – May 19,2021

Cold Comfort for Rotation workers and "privileged" campers. Yesterday's briefing was largely uneventful, as most Wednesday briefings are. Premier Rankin off-handedly mentioned that his team would begin working on a re-opening plan for the province but he doesn't yet...

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Beth’s Briefing Notes – May 17 2021

First, let's cover the stats you really want to hear. The phrase "get tested" was said 6 times in Dr. Robert Strang's seven minute statement. Next briefing I will also monitor how many time both Strang and Premier Rankin remind us to get vaccinated. Let me in know if...

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Totally Not A Rally

Opinion and analysis of the May 15 "rally" and the mainstream media reports. On May 14th, Premier Iain Rankin revealed that provincial lawyers obtained an injunction from Justice Scott Norton of the supreme court of Nova Scotia to put a halt to the planned World-Wide...

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“We have $.46 cents left”

Childcare Services left behind by Rankin Government. It's no secret that times are tough for businesses of all kinds in Nova scotia right now. Restaurants are forced to take-out only, Non-essential retail shops are selling online only, and many other small businesses...

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